Prom Walk Through

Prom walk-in (with names announced) will be held from 6:00 - 6:45 outside the Masters’ Building weather permitting.  If weather is only slightly rainy, please plan accordingly with umbrellas, etc.  However, if weather is truly inclement, we will modify walk-in to under the enclosed porch of the building and inside the venue only.  Walk-ins will end promptly at 6:45 so the dance can begin. At that point we ask that all people not attending the prom exit the surrounding areas.

The public coming to view prom walk-ins should park cars on the west side (closest to the road) in the fair parking area. Vehicles being left for prom attendees to drive home should be parked on the east side of the parking area but back toward the trees to leave room for prom walk-in activities and viewing.


*When you enter the fairgrounds with the vehicle you are driving through the prom line, please make an immediate left at the log cabin. Proceed along that drive until you reach the curve that you should follow until you turn right at the drive that will bring you up on the west side of the Masters’ Building.

*To try to keep the line organized and have guests announced as they are getting out of their cars, we will have 3 traffic cones - (1)red, (2)yellow and (3)green - represented by the colored Xs on the picture above where you should stop when you are on (1)deck(red), (2)up next(orange) and (3)at the spot where you should get out of your vehicle to be announced(green). 

*When you get out of your vehicle, please have someone ready to immediately drive the vehicle away to keep the line moving. Then, proceed up the tan colored walkway. Please DO NOT stop and take pictures with your vehicle as this slows up the line and might prevent the dance from starting on time. Any pictures you would like to take with your vehicle should be done before arriving at the fairgrounds or before you get to the area with the three cones.