scoliosis screening

Dear parent/guardian:

In the near future a scoliosis screening program will be conducted in your child’s school
to identify students with suspected curvature of the spine. It is known that two children
out of every 100 may have scoliosis. If this condition is detected early and appropriately
treated, progressive spine deformity can usually be prevented.

The procedure for the screening is simple. The school’s nurse, who has been specially
trained, will look at your child’s back while he/she stands and bends forward. For this
screening, boys and girls will be screened separately and individually. To assure a view
of the spine, we will request that students expose their backs during screening. These
screenings will take place annually in grades 5 and 7 for girls and grade 8 for boys per
Ohio Department of Health recommendations.

If your child has a suspected curvature, you will be notified in writing and asked to take
your child to your family physician or an orthopedic doctor for further evaluation. You
will be notified ONLY if medical follow-up is necessary. This screening does not replace
your child’s need for regular health care check-ups. Any student may be exempt from the
screening upon written request by the parent or legal guardian or if your child is under the
care of a physician for scoliosis and a medical report is provided to the school.
Beth Bower RN
Health Service Provider