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Upper Sandusky

Exempted Village Schools

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Return to in-person classroom instruction on Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Upper Sandusky Exempted Village Schools

Bruce Gast, Interim Superintendent

800 N. Sandusky Avenue, Suite A

Upper Sandusky, Ohio 43351

(419) 294-2306   Fax: (419) 294-6891


Dear USEVS families:


As we prepare to return to in-person classroom instruction on Tuesday, January 19, 2021, I wanted to share with you the new guidelines on student quarantines from school due to Covid-19 exposure.


As you know, if a positive Covid-19 case was identified in school, anyone within 6 feet and for longer than 15 minutes of that person would be required to quarantine for a period of time.  *The school will no longer need to quarantine students and staff from school related exposures, as long as the school continues to follow safety protocols and adhere to state-issued guidance.


 Those protocols include:

  • The school district will continue to follow enhanced disinfection and cleaning practices.
  • Desk shields will be required to be used in every classroom, where appropriate.
  • Students and staff will continue to appropriately wear masks (covering their nose and mouth) while at school and on the bus.  Students may remove their masks for water breaks, certain classes where masks are not able to be worn (band, choir, gym), and/or as directed by an adult.  Appropriate social distancing during these classes and at all times will be maintained as much as possible.  Under the new guidelines, Covid-19 exposures that occur during lunch may still result in students being quarantined, due to not wearing a mask while eating.
  • Students who become Covid-19 positive will be quarantined from school and may return when released by the Health Department.


*Please note that guidelines and protocols may change due to local or state data.  Any changes to these guidelines will be communicated with our families.


These new guidelines do not extend to before-school and after-school events.   Student activities will still need to follow the “6 feet and 15 minute” rule for quarantining individuals or groups.


School district staff will continue to be diligent in our daily practices, as our goal is to keep everyone safe and continue to have in-person learning for the remainder of the school year.




Bruce Gast

Interim Superintendent

Upper Sandusky Exempted Village School District