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November 2017 Student Athletes of the Month

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Mallory is a 7th Grade Volleyball player who has completed in excess of her 15 community service hours.  He has shown strong leadership skills and has been a strong-minded and well-rounded young lady.  She was not afraid to try new skills.  During practice, she would constantly cheer on her teammates.  She also got along with all the girls on the team and many times made them all laugh at her “impressions”.

She has a wonderful, positive attitude and even though she had never played volleyball before, never stopped trying to improve.  Her coach observed her more than once struggling to become better with a skill, but never stopped getting trying.  When she entered a game, she was the happiest girl on the court.

She is an impressive A student and works very hard to get these grades.  Her former teachers still speak highly of her. 


Gage was the captain of the 8th Grade football team, always showing leadership skills both on and off the field.  He is active in his community and is an outstanding student.

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