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Welcome to the USHS Athletics Program

Philosophy of Upper Sandusky Athletic Program 

The Upper Sandusky High School Athletic Department is the governing body responsible for the athletic program of our schools including cheer leading squads. It is the desire of this organization to give the student body and community as well-balanced a program as finances will allow. The department recognizes the importance of making the athletic program an integral part of a pupil's education, whether it be a participant or spectator. Nothing will create and hold school loyalty and pride to a greater degree than the reputation developed through successful athletic teams known for their hard play and sportsmanship.
Upper Sandusky High School in northwest Ohio, is a comprehensive public high school with a proud tradition of excellence in academics, fine arts, sports, and activities!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Brad Ehrman - High School Athletic Director ([email protected])
Catie Richman – Middle School Athletic Director ([email protected])
Web pages are maintained by students or parent booster clubs, so please contact those people with your comments.
(See additional comments on web hosting below.)
High School Schedule Star - Scheduling site maintained by HS Athletic Director
Middle School Schedule Star - Scheduling site maintained by HS Athletic Director

USHS Coaching Staff

 Sport/Activity  Coach   Contact  
Basketball (Boys) Jeff Winslow [email protected] 
Basketball (Girls) Jerry Vent [email protected] 
Cheerleading Lisa Hoffbauer
Courtney Sebenoler
[email protected] 
[email protected]
Crosscountry Ed Arnold  [email protected] 
Football Russell Hall [email protected]
Golf (Coed)
Graham Treadway
Matt Miles 
Soccer (Boys) Keith Miller [email protected] 
Soccer (Girls) Ty Calvin [email protected]
Softball Luke Swavel  [email protected] 
Swimming Justin Richardson  [email protected] 
Tennis (Boys)  Aaron Frazee  [email protected] 
Tennis (Girls) Aaron Frazee  [email protected] 
Track & Field (Boys)  Ed Arnold  [email protected] 
Track & Field (Girls)  Tim Pohlman  [email protected] 
Volleyball  Donielle Crall  [email protected] 
Wrestling Noah Blankenship  [email protected]