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USHS Closed 10/15 & 10/18 (Calamity Days)
Upper Sandusky High School will be closed Fri., Oct. 15th, and Mon., Oct. 18th.  These days will be calamity days, not remote days.

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Traffic Pattern

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USHS traffic pattern for pick-up, drop-off

To ensure the safest environment for our student body the High School has adopted a new traffic pattern for pick-up and drop-offs.  The traffic pattern will take place during regularly scheduled school hours from 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM.  

Below you will find a detailed description on the traffic pattern.  Thank you for your continued support of our school system and interest in maintaining a safe environment for our children.

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East Lot (Tee Pee entrance)

  • This lot will not be accessible for individual student pick-up and drop-off.  

  • The lot will be reserved for bussing.

North Lot

  • Entrance to the North Lot is permitted from Sandusky Avenue and the Houpt Drive entrance.

  • Traffic will exit onto Sandusky Avenue only

  • No exiting traffic is to turn into the East Lot

Entrance from Houpt Drive

Houpt Entrance

The LEFT LANE will be used for NORTH BOUND THRU traffic.  You may PULL OFF into the RIGHT LANE to pick-up or drop-off students.

The RIGHT LANE is a pick-up and drop-off location only and should not be used as a driveway.  Students can be picked up or dropped off at any point along the sidewalk.

After pick-up or drop-off of your student please MERGE back into the LEFT LANE carefully to exit along the North side of the building to Sandusky Avenue. (by the Fairgrounds)


Entrance to the West lot is permitted between 7:00 AM and 2:40 PM from the LEFT LANE ONLY.

The West lot will not be accessible during student pick-up between 2:40 and 3:00 PM.

The WEST lot is not to be used as a U-turn when dropping off students in the morning.

West Lot Entrance


Exiting the West lot is permitted at the Southern exit entering onto Houpt Drive only.  

West Lot Exit