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USHS Closed 10/15 & 10/18 (Calamity Days)
Upper Sandusky High School will be closed Fri., Oct. 15th, and Mon., Oct. 18th.  These days will be calamity days, not remote days.

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RAM Academy FAQ

Will RAM Academy begin on September 8th?  

Yes.  students will be expected to begin online classes on 9/8/20.  There will be an orientation prior to the start date.  The RAM Academy Administrator will personally contact you to schedule the student orientation.

Why did USEVS choose two different platforms for elementary and secondary schools?

We are in a consortium contract with PEAK through the North Central Ohio Educational Service Center (NCOESC) for grades 9-12.   In the past we have primarily used PEAK for credit recovery.  Just within the last year we have expanded to allow students to take first run courses on PEAK.  When we looked at adding an online option for K-8 students, we didn't feel PEAK would meet the needs of our younger students.  SchoolsPLP is much more user friendly.  

Will my high school student still be on track to graduate if (s)he attends RAM Academy?  

High School students will be required to take 5 classes to keep them on track for graduation and eligible for athletics.

Are high school students allowed to take more than 5 classes? 
It is not advised, however students work at their own pace and therefore it is possible to complete a course before the semester ends.  If a student does finish early, (s)he can pick up another course.  

Will students from the same grade all take the same courses?  

Most students of the same grade level will be in the same classes.  However, the classes are individually paced, so although students will be enrolled in the same courses there is no interaction between students.  

The grade level guidance counselors will meet with teachers to determine if students should be placed in a higher or lower level course.  

Options for students in grades:

K-1 English                        2-5  English                          6 - 8 English
      Mathematics                        Mathematics                             Mathematics
      Science                                  Science                                     Science
      Social Studies                        Social Studies                           Social Studies
      Health                                     Art                                   Art
      Physical Education               Music                                   Music
                                       Physical Education                    Physical Education

                                       Cursive Handwriting                   (1) elective
OR   Intro to typing

9-12  High school students will take one course in each of the four core subjects and one
        elective.  Core courses will be assigned by pre-requisites and grade level.

        Algebra / Geometry / Algebra II / Pre-Calculus / Trig

         Biology / Chemistry / Physical Science / Environmental Science / Anatomy / Forensics
        US History / World History / Government / Psychology / Sociology

If my student enrolls in RAM Academy, will (s)he be ready to move on to the next course when (s)he is done?  
Yes.  If a student takes Spanish 1 for fall semester,  (s)he should be able to transition right into the classroom for second semester .  If (s)he were to attend school online for the entire year, (s)he should be able to progress to Spanish II next year.  

Will my student be responsible for state-wide assessments if enrolled in RAM Academy?  
 If the state requires state-wide assessments for the 2020/21 school year, every child will be responsible for taking the appropriate assessments and held accountable for the results.   The curriculum for both SchoolsPLP and PEAK are aligned to state standards, and therefore should adequately prepare students for all assessments.

ODE has not decided what state testing will look like yet.  With the exception of a few, state tests don't usually occur until April.  This gives them plenty of time to make decisions.  

This past spring, ODE suspended state testing and schools were guided to average the grades of tested areas and assigned those grades point values that were equivalent to state tests.    

There is a possibility of this happening again, but we do not know at this time.

Why do we have to make a semester commitment?

The platforms only offer semester courses and there is no way to navigate to-and-from  traditional classroom and online instruction.

If my child is successful using the online platform, chan (s)he continue with it when school returns to normal?  

This decision has not been made yet.  

Why is the deadline so early?

There is a lot of planning and training that needs to take place to implement the online platform.  We need to know how many students will be taking advantage of this option so that we can adjust building schedules and adequately train staff, students and parents.  

What is the time commitment?  Is the schedule flexible?

The timeline to complete a course will be based on USHS semesters.  There is not a specific, set number of hours students have to commit each day to instruction, but instead there are benchmarks students are required to meet.  

The student will be required to complete assignments as follows:

25% of the course by week 4 with a passing grade

50% of the course by week 9 with a passing grade

75% of the course by week 13 with a passing grade

100% of the course by week 18 with a passing grade

Although students will not be required to log on at specific times, there will be designated office hours offered by the teachers of record for those students needing supplemental guidance.  

Will students take placement tests like they would for Ohio Connections or K12?  No.  Guidance counselors will place students in the academic courses based on the recommendations of previous teachers.

Are there textbooks or workbooks to accompany the online curriculum?  

For grades K-8 there is printable material, but it is the same material that is online.  It is not supplemental.  There is no printable material for PEAK.  

Is there personal instruction/interaction with teachers?

There is no actual or virtual teacher through PEAK.  Information is presented via video or text.  The district will provide a teacher of record for each class.  The USEVS teachers, working with PEAK/Schools PLP  students, will be trained on the platform and will be familiar with the curriculum, so they will be able to offer guidance and support. These teachers will be available for zoom conferences or phone calls during designated times, but the platforms do not have any interaction with the students.  It is all on-line.  The delivery of the lesson, the assessments and everything else is done through video and text.  A lot of the multiple choice and other objective material is graded by the computer.  The grading done by USEVS teachers is subjective.  This is where the teachers will give feedback and support.

Can I change my enrollment status in RAM Academy after the deadline?

The deadline for enrolling in RAM Academy is August 5.

You CANNOT change from online learning to traditional classroom learning until the end of the first semester.  The curriculum offered by the online platform meets state standards and is therefore very similar to what we teach at USEVS, but the pacing and sequencing may be very different.  These differences make it impossible for students to transition mid semester.  

If your family situation changes, you CAN change from traditional classroom learning to online learning, however students would have to begin the online curriculum from the beginning regardless of when (s)he starts the program.  Grades and assignments cannot transfer from the traditional classroom to online.  (ie.  If you decide after 7 weeks of school that you would prefer your student learn online through SchoolsPLP or PEAK, the work your student completed for 7 weeks would not count toward completion of those courses. (S)he would have to start from the beginning.

What school fees will be assessed for students choosing RAM Academy?  

The only school fee associated with RAM Academy is the $35 technology fee that every student must pay.  

Will students who choose RAM Academy be given a chromebook?  

Yes.  Every USEVS student will have the option to receive a chromebook.  

  • A charger and carrying bag will be issued with every chromebook.
  • The same filters will apply wherever the student uses the chromebook.  Parents should still monitor their child’s activity and time spent on the chromebook.  All internet activity is logged, as required by law.  These logs are only accessed if there is an active investigation.
  • USEVS will be covering all Chromebooks with a Protection Plan via the Chromebook/Technology Fee of $35.00.  This will cover the chromebook for two (2) accidental damages per school year.  Anything over two (2) incidents or malicious damage will result in the student being responsible for repairs.