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Upper Sandusky

Exempted Village Schools


Food Services Pricing

K-12 Payment Center - Prepay lunch system

Pricing for this School Year  
Reduced Breakfast$0.30 
Adult Breakfast $1.70 
Lunch (K-5)$2.85
Lunch (6-8) $3.00
Lunch (9-12) $3.15
Reduced Lunch$0.40 
Adult Lunch$3.65 
Adult$3.40 w/o milk 

 Extra Milk$0.50 

Breakfast is served each morning in all buildings starting at 7:30AM (On Delay mornings, breakfast starts at 9:30AM).
 Check your menu for regular breakfast items.  However, for students in a hurry or not wanting pancakes, eggs, etc., EXPRESS items are available.  These choices might be pop-tarts, muffins, Bug Bites, cereal bars, etc.  Grab a juice/milk and you are on your way!  This option is available in ALL buildings now.
Free Breakfast - Students eligible for a free lunch are eligible for a free breakfast every morning, also.  Please take advantage of this!  If you wish to choose Express Breakfast items for your breakfast, please do so.
Reduced - Students who qualify for a reduced price lunch ($0.40) may also purchase a reduced priced breakfast each morning for $0.30.  This may include Express Breakfast items. 
It will again be possible to pre-pay for school lunches and breakfasts.  We accept check or cash pay by the day, week, or to put on account.