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NHS Standards:

Leadership: The student who demonstrates leadership is resourceful, makes suggestions, demonstrates initiative, exercises positive influence on peers, contributes ideas, delegates responsibility, has a positive attitude, inspires positive behavior, demonstrates academic initiative, successfully holds positions of responsibility, is efficient, is reliable, upholds scholarship and maintains a loyal school attitude.

Character: A person of character demonstrates respect, responsibility, trustworthiness, fairness, caring, compassion, and citizenship.  A student of character takes criticism willingly and accepts recommendations graciously, consistently exemplifies desirable qualities of behavior including cheerfulness, friendliness, poise and stability, upholds, principles of morality and ethics, cooperates by complying with school regulations, demonstrates the highest standard of honesty and reliability, regularly shows courtesy, concern and respect for others, observes rules and instructions, is punctual, is faithful inside and outside the classroom, has strong powers of concentration and self-discipline, demonstrates trustfulness in acknowledging obedience to rules, avoids cheating in any form, show unwillingness to profit from others' mistakes, and actively helps rid the school of bad influences or environments.

Service: The student who serves is a volunteer, is dependable, provides well-organized assistance, is gladly available, is willing to sacrifice, to offer assistance, works well with others, willingly accepts difficult or inconspicuous responsibilities, renders service cheerfully and enthusiastically, willingly represents the school, serves on committees or as staff without complaint, participates in some activity outside of school such as Girl Scouts, religious groups, volunteer services for elderly, poor or disadvantaged, mentors people in the community and/or at school, and show courtesy by assisting visitors, teachers and students.

Article I:  Name and Purpose

The name of this society shall be the Upper Sandusky High School chapter of the National Honor Society, also known as USHS-NHS.

The objective of this chapter shall be to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote worthy leadership, and to encourage the development and demonstration of character in all students at Upper Sandusky High School.

All articles of the Constitution of the National Honor Society shall apply to the Upper Sandusky High School Chapter.

Article II:  The Principal

The principal shall reserve the right to approve activities and decisions of the chapter.
The principal shall annually appoint a chapter advisor, who may serve consecutive terms.
The principal will review concerns for dismissal from the honorary and make recommendations.

Article III:  The Chapter Advisor

The chapter advisor shall be responsible for the day-to day supervision of the chapter and act as a community liaison between the chapter and the faculty, administration, student body, and community.

The chapter advisor shall maintain files on membership, chapter history, activities, and financial transactions.

The chapter advisor shall oversee the election of officers.

The chapter advisor shall help the officers understand and carry out their duties.

The chapter advisor shall review each member for compliance with National Honor Society standards and obligations at the conclusion of each semester or more frequently if necessary.

The chapter advisor shall annually select a faculty council of three high school educational staff members.  The role of this council is to select candidates for membership.  The names of the faculty council shall remain anonymous.  The advisor may consult with the faculty council but shall remain a nonvoting party.

The chapter advisor shall organize, distribute, collect, and present to the faculty council applications from candidates and faculty evaluations.

The chapter advisor shall organize members for the annual spring banquet for new member induction.

The chapter advisor shall bring membership concerns for dismissal to the principal.

Article IV:  The USHS-NHS Faculty Council

The Faculty Council is a volunteer committee of three teachers.  They will meet in March of each year to review applications from juniors and seniors seeking membership in the honorary and select the new members to be inducted. The business of the faculty council is confidential and need not be reported to the membership, parents, staff and administration.

Article V:  Membership

Students who have completed at least one semester of study at Upper Sandusky High School, are currently enrolled in a minimum of four USHS/PSEO classes at Upper Sandusky High School, and have achieved junior or senior status are eligible for consideration for membership in the USHS Chapter of National Honor Society.  Juniors who have earned 80 quality points and seniors earning 100 quality points will be considered for membership.

Membership in USHS-NHS shall be based upon outstanding scholarship, leadership, character, and service.  All of these attributes will be considered with equal measure.  Membership in the chapter shall include active and graduate.  Active members are inducted student members who complete the chapter requirements of service, leadership, character, and scholarship through the maintenance of a 3.4 GPA (on a 4.0) scale) as well as the completion and on-time documentation of inside and outside service hours.  Active members who graduate from USHS become graduate members.  The graduate members have no vote or voice in the USHS-NHS.  Active members are expected to continue to demonstrate the qualities of scholarship, leadership, character, and service as students of USHS. Service points will be required of all active members.

Membership is an honor bestowed upon an Upper Sandusky High School student.  Membership is a decision reserved to the USHS-NHS Faculty Council and is not a right of any student.  Those not selected for membership waive their right to know the reason when they and their parents sign the application form.

Members who are dismissed from USHS-NHS are never eligible for membership in the National Honor Society, whether in the Upper Sandusky HS Chapter or any other chapter.

A transfer student to Upper Sandusky High School who has junior or senior status and who brings a letter of membership including a recommendation for continued membership from their former principal or chapter advisor shall automatically be accepted as members of the USHS-NHS.  Transfer members must meet the USHS-NHS chapter requirements for membership within one semester of transfer in order to retain membership.  All conditions for continued membership must be met in order for such a student to maintain membership in USHS-NHS and/or graduate with the privileges and recognition of a USHS-NHS member.  Any transfer student who has been dismissed from any chapter of National Honor Society will not ever be considered for membership in the Upper Sandusky High School Chapter of the National Honor Society.

Members of the National Honor Society are held to a higher standard.  Members are expected to represent their chapter, Upper Sandusky High School, and, most importantly, themselves by honoring their commitments and obligations.

Article VI:  Selection Process

USHS students who have achieved 80 quality points as a junior or 100 quality points as a senior and who have not been dismissed from any National Honor Society chapter will be sent an invitation to apply in February.  The completed application will include evidence of school and community leadership and service, a personal statement reflecting on the mutual benefits of belonging to the honorary, and required signatures.  The form is to be returned to the chapter advisor by the published due date and time.  The teaching staff and administration of Upper Sandusky High School will then be provided with a list of candidates for membership in USHS-NHS along with a checklist to evaluate each candidate for leadership, character, and service.  The staff and administration will be asked to return their confidential evaluations of the candidates to the chapter advisor by a specified date.  The USHS-NHS Faculty Council will determine which shall be granted membership in the Upper Sandusky High School chapter of the National Honor Society based on a majority vote of the faculty council.  The decision of the faculty council will be considered final.

Selection membership shall be based on scholarship, leadership, service and character.  Once selected, members have the obligation and responsibility to continue to demonstrate these qualities or they will face the possibility of dismissal.

Any student selected for membership in the USHS-NHS must continue in school, complete his/her senior year, and graduate with his/her class in order to maintain membership in the National Honor Society.  Failure to do so shall constitute an automatic dismissal from the National Honor Society, except if the student transfers to another high school and maintains his/her membership in the National Honor Society through that high school.

A new member induction will be held each spring for those candidates selected for membership.

Article VII:  Dismissal

The administration and chapter will strongly consider dismissal from the USHS-NHS membership if:

  1. The member falls below the academic standard of a cumulative GPA of 3.4 on a 4.0 scale.
  2. The member violates school rule(s) and/or the USHS athletic code of conduct which results in an athletic suspension, in school suspension, or out of school suspension and/or expulsion.
  3. The member suffers legal consequences for violation of a civil or criminal law.
  4. The member fails to fulfill any assigned or volunteered responsibility including but not limited to: punctual completion and documentation of specified required service points, attendance at meetings, attendance at induction of new members ceremony, fulfillment of the duties as an elected officer, participation in service projects, or failure to fulfill the duties of a committee.
  5. The member is found to be in conflict with any of the National Honor Society attributes of scholarship, leadership, service, and character.  This would include acts of poor conduct such as lying, cheating, stealing, vandalism, any gross violation of school rules or regulations, the possession/use/selling of alcohol or illegal drugs, the possession/use/selling of tobacco by any member under the age of 18, any violation of criminal or civil law, destruction of property, truancy, persistent use of profanity, failure to comply, excessive tardiness and any conduct that causes embarrassment to the USHS-NHS, Upper Sandusky High School, or the Upper Sandusky Community.

Member behavioral expectations are not restricted to the school year or school hours and include after-school, evening, weekend, and summer activities.  Any member brought to the attention of the advisor, administration, or athletic director will be reviewed.  A member who is in violation of any of the conditions above faces the strong possibility of dismissal

Article VIII:  Officers

Nominations for officers will be taken at the first meeting of each school year with elections to follow by secret ballot.  A majority vote is necessary to elect any officer of this chapter.  The officers of the chapter shall include:

  1. President:  The duty of the president to preside at the meetings of this chapter.  Roberts Rules of Order should be used.
  2. Vice President:  The vice-president shall preside in the absence of the president.
  3. Secretary:  The secretary shall keep minutes of the meetings and be responsible for correspondence.
  4. Treasurer:  The treasurer shall work with the advisor and school treasurer to report expenses and income to the membership.

Should a vacancy occur in any office, the membership will be asked to nominate and elect a member to the vacancy.  Officers will lead the candlelight ceremony for new member induction.

Article IX:  Meetings

This chapter shall have regular meetings during the school year to organize committees, plan the induction banquet, choose service projects, suggest activities to encourage scholarship in the student body, and discuss fund-raising events.  All meeting dates will be decided and announced in a timely manner.  Meetings are mandatory for members and do not count as service points.  Committees organized during the meetings and meet on their own time, however, do qualify for service points if the chairperson will verify participation.  The chapter advisor may excuse a member for a valid reason if an excuse is presented at least three days in advance of the meeting.

Attendance at the induction ceremonies is also a mandatory obligation of the membership and does not count as service points.

Members who repeatedly miss meetings or do not fulfill responsibilities within the chapter may be recommended for dismissal.

Article X:  Service Points

The chapter shall adopt a minimum of one service project a year.  Members shall earn service points by participating in chapter service projects.  Members shall earn outside service hours by leading or organizing non-paying projects through their church, 4-H or Scouting group, etc.  Examples of service projects are tutoring, card-making and distribution at a nursing home, park or highway clean ups, leaf raking for elderly or shut-ins, volunteering at the food bank, etc.  A supervising adult must sign to verify all service points earned.  The Service Points Verification form is due in April.

Article XI:  Amendments

Amendments to this constitution may be proposed by any member of the USHS-NHS at any general meeting if they have been submitted to the advisor in writing in advance.  The membership shall discuss the proposal during that meeting.  The vote on the proposal shall occur at the next meeting.  Proposed amendments require a super-majority approval of 75%, or three-fourths of the members present at the general meeting.  Final approval for any amendment to this constitution rests with the principal and advisor.