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Guidelines for Quarantine After Exposure

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Guidelines for Quarantine After Exposure in K-12 Classroom Settings

Hello Ram Parents,

I wanted to give you an update regarding the new Ohio Department of Health quarantine
guidance for schools. Students who are identified as close contacts in-school will be able to
quarantine in school and continue with class as long we follow the new guidelines below.
If a student has an in-school direct exposure they can quarantine in school if:

  1. They wear a mask for 14 days from the date of the exposure.
  2. They must self-monitor or parent monitor for symptoms.
  3. If symptoms develop, they must isolate outside of school and test.
  4. They can discontinue mask use at 7 days if there are no symptoms and they test negative 5-7 days after the initial exposure in-school.

If a student in extracurricular or co-curricular activities has an in-school direct exposure

  1. They must mask whenever possible as long as it does not interfere with the contest or activity.
  2. They must get tested on the day of initial exposure.
  3. They must test again at 5-7 days after initial exposure.

If a student has an out-of-school direct exposure they must quarantine out of school as has
been the guidance.

Students who are currently in quarantine for an in-school exposure may return to school with a
mask for the remainder of their quarantine period as long as they are not symptomatic and may
discontinue mask use if they test negative after 7 days.

These updated quarantine rules also apply to school staff who have had a in-school exposure.
This is the most current guidance from the Health Department. This change also allows us to
remove the mask mandate for all students and staff effective 10/26/21. Masks will be optional
unless they are required to quarantine in school.