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Graduation Requirements & Planning

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USHS Courses Required for Graduation

*It is important to note that these are the minimum course requirements for graduation.*

Subject Area
# of Credits/Units
Additional Notes

4 units


4 units

*must include Algebra 2 or equivalent

Social Studies

3 units

*must include: 1 unit of American History, 1 unit of World History, 1/2 unit of American Government, and 1/2 unit of Social Studies elective


3 units

*must include: 1 unit of a biological science, 1 unit of a physical science, and 1 unit of advanced science

College & Career Readiness

1/2 unit


1/2 unit

Physical Education

1/2 unit

Advanced Computer Apps

1/2 unit


5 units

*must include at least 1 unit from among the fine arts (band, choir, art, industrial arts, music appreciation/theory, theater & stagecraft, etc.)


21 units

*students must have, at minimum, 21 total credits for graduation

**While foreign language is not a graduation requirement, many colleges and universities prefer to see at least 2 units within the same foreign language.

Class of 2021/2022: Testing Pathways to a Diploma

Students must meet one of the following:

1. Ohio's State Tests (End-of-Course exams) -- Students must earn a cumulative passing score of 18 points, using seven end-of-course state tests. To ensure students are well-rounded, they must earn a minimum of four points in English, four points in math, and six points across science and social studies.

The seven end-of-course exams are:
  • English Language Arts (ELA) I
  • English Language Arts (ELA) II
  • Algebra I (or Integrated Math I)
  • Geometry (or Integrated Math II)
  • Biology
  • American History
  • American Government

2. Industry Credential and Workforce Readiness -- Students must earn 12 points through a State Board of Education-approved, industry-recognized credential (or group of credentials in a single career field), and achieve a workforce readiness score on the WorkKeys assessment. The State of Ohio will pay one time for those who take the WorkKeys assessment.

3. College and Career Readiness Tests -- Students must earn "remediation-free" scores in English Language Arts and mathematics on either the ACT or SAT. The State of Ohio will pay one time for all 11th grade students to take the exam. Remediation-free scores can change occasionally as determined by the Ohio Department of Higher Education. Current remediation-free scores are: 

ACT (if taken after July 1st, 2014)
  • ACT English: 18 (or higher)
  • ACT Reading: 22 (or higher)
  • ACT Math: 22 (or higher)
SAT (if taken after March 1st, 2016)
  • EBRW: 480 (or higher)
  • Mathematics: 530 (or higher)

Click HERE to view a handout from the Ohio Department of Education reviewing these requirements.

Class of 2023 and Beyond: Permanent Graduation Requirements

Show Competency & Show Readiness

For students entering ninth grade on or after July 1, 2019, Ohio's new high school graduation requirements give them more flexibility to choose a graduation pathway that builds on their strengths and passions. In addition to earning the minimum of 21 credits (as outlined above in USHS' course requirements for graduation), students must then "Show Competency" AND "Show Readiness."

Show Competency
The first way to show competency is by earning a passing score on the State of Ohio's Algebra I and ELA II End-of-Course tests. Students who do not pass the test will be offered additional support and must retake the test at least once. Currently, the State of Ohio has defined a "passing score" as a 684 or higher. 
If you are unable to show competency through End-of-Course testing, you have three additional options for showing competency.

1) Demonstrate two career-focused activities (at least one of the two must be from Foundational)
  • Foundational
    • Proficient scores on WebXams
    • A 12-point industry credential
    • A pre-apprenticeship or acceptance into an approved apprenticeship program
  • Supporting
    • Work-based learning
    • Earn the required score on WorkKeys
    • Earn the OhioMeansJobs Readiness Seal
2) Enlist in the Military
  • Show evidence that you have signed a contract to enter a branch of the U.S. armed services upon graduation
3) Complete College Coursework
  • Earn credit for one college-level math and/or college-level English course through Ohio's CCP program.

Show Readiness
In order to show readiness, a student must earn two of the following diploma seals, choosing those that line up with their goals and interests. These seals allow a student to demonstrate academic, technical, and professional skills and knowledge that align with their passions, interests, and planned next steps after high school. At least one of the two seals must be Ohio-designed.

  • OhioMeansJobs Readiness Seal (Ohio)
  • Industry-Recognized Credential Seal (Ohio)
  • College-Ready Seal (Ohio)
  • Military Enlistment Seal (Ohio)
  • Citizenship Seal (Ohio)
  • Science Seal (Ohio)
  • Honors Diploma Seal (Ohio)
  • Seal of Biliteracy (Ohio)
  • Technology Seal (Ohio)
  • Community Service Seal (Locally-defined)
  • Fine and Performing Arts Seal (Locally-defined)
  • Student Engagement Seal (Locally-defined)

Click HERE to view a handout from the Ohio Department of Education reviewing these requirements.