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Upper Sandusky

Exempted Village Schools

General Information

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General Information

General Information

School Hours:  7:55am - 2:45pm
 Students will be able to enter the school at 7:30am each day. 

 Please park in the school lot or on Bigelow Street. 

 After the bus leaves the building, classes will be dismissed.  Teachers will walk classes out in front of the gym where students can wait for their ride to pick them up.  If you choose to drive up to pick up your child, please follow the one-lane traffic flow going North. 


 You may also walk up to and wait outside the school doors for your child to come out.  However, you must park your car in a parking space on Bigelow Street.  Please do not get out of your car in the car pick up line. Young students will not be permitted to walk to your car if parked on Bigelow Street.  This is simply for safety reasons.

School Fees: Each Class K-5  $25.00.  Checks can be made out to East Elementary.