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Frequently Asked Questions

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1:1 Frequently Asked Questions

USEVS Chromebook 1:1 Frequently Asked Questions

(subject to revision)

  1.  Who does this 1:1 initiative pertain to?

    1. USEVS 1:1 Chromebook initiative is for grades K-12.

  1. My child forgot their Chromebook at home or forgot to charge it?

    1. Students are expected to charge their chromebook at home each night and bring it with them to school, as they would any other item they need for the day.  Students who do not bring a charged chromebook to school will go without for that day as we currently do not have a loaner fleet large enough available.  After 3 times during a 9 week period of not bringing their chromebook to school or having it charged, the student may be required to leave the device at school and not take it home.

  1. What accessories will my child get with the chromebook?

    1. A charger and carrying bag will be issued with every chromebook.

  1. What if we don’t have WIFI at home or limited data?

    1. The District’s WiFi is available before or after school, and also adjacent to our school buildings exterior/parking lots.

  1. Is my child’s internet activity filtered at home?

    1. Yes, the same filters will apply wherever the student uses the chromebook.  Parents should still monitor their child’s activity and time spent on the chromebook.  All internet activity is logged, as required by law.  These logs are only accessed if there is an active investigation.

  1. Will there be insurance offered for the chromebook?  What if it gets broken?

    1. Yes, USEVS will be covering all Chromebooks with a Protection Plan via the Chromebook/Technology Fee of $35.00.  This will cover the chromebook for two (2) accidental damages per school year.  Anything over two (2) incidents or malicious damage will result in the student being responsible for repairs.

  1. What if the chromebook is stolen?  

    1. If the chromebook is stolen, it must be reported to the Upper Sandusky Police Dept and a copy of the report given to USEVS.  The district will work with the police department to attempt to recover the chromebook.  The student will be given a loaner chromebook until it is recovered or if it isn’t, will be issued a new chromebook one time.  It is best to follow good safety precautions and do not leave the chromebook unattended, in a car (even if it is locked), in an unlocked locker, etc.

  1. Does Google obtain access to my child’s personal information?

    1. No, Google Apps for Education has a different terms of service and privacy policy then a personal Google account.  Students are not subjected to ads either.  Google Apps for Education also is required to be FERPA compliant, which is the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

  1. How do we know that chromebooks are a good fit for USEVS students?

    1. USEVS has been using chromebooks for 6 years now.  We started with about 60 devices and have grown to over 1,600 chromebooks during that time. Students and teachers have given great feedback on the chromebooks and as a Google Apps for Education district, chromebooks work seamlessly in that environment.

  1.  How much space will they have to store stuff?

    1. The chromebooks have limited hard drive space, but each student has UNLIMITED space on their Google Drive and email.


  1. What happens to all their documents and email once they graduate?

    1. Each student will have the ability at the end of their senior year to transfer their documents to a personal account or onto a portable media of their choosing.  Once documents/email are transferred to another personal account, USEVS can not ensure the student's privacy as the terms of service will probably be different.  Accounts are disabled a few weeks after graduation.

  1. Can students use their chromebook with a personal Google account?

    1. No, the chromebooks are set up so that only their RamMail login will work on them.  The Chromebooks are not intended for personal use by the student or any other family member.

  1. Does this mean paper assignments and textbooks will not be used?

  1. No, each teacher will decide how much they use the chromebooks and have assignments online.  As technology continues to advance and USEVS looks at new textbooks and apps, we hope to continue to decrease our need for paper and physical textbooks.  Being 1:1 does not mean you eliminate all paper or textbooks and that is something we’ve been stressing even as we’ve added devices the last couple years.

      14.  Will students keep the devices over the summer?

  1. No, devices will be turned in at the end of the school year so the district can do maintenance on them on a date that will be provided ahead of time.  Devices will be re-issued at the start of the next school year during the parent/student meetings.

     15.  How long will the chromebooks last?

  1. We are expecting to get 4 years out of each chromebook.  Chromebooks have very few moving parts in them and generate very little heat.  They also come with powerful processors, 4 GB RAM memory,/16GB local storage and automatically update to the latest software and security features.

     16.  What if another student damages my student’s chromebook?

  1.  This will be handled by the Building Administrators on a case by case basis.

     17.  Will teachers or staff be able to access or control the webcam on the


  1.  No one will be able to access or remote control the webcam. USEVS stresses good digital citizenship, which includes using a webcam properly and ensuring a student’s safety.