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USHS Closed 10/15 & 10/18 (Calamity Days)
Upper Sandusky High School will be closed Fri., Oct. 15th, and Mon., Oct. 18th.  These days will be calamity days, not remote days.

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Electronic Devices Policy

Electronic Devices

1.)  Cell Phones

During the school day (7:50 a.m. to 2:40 p.m.), students will be permitted to carry their personal cell phone. Cell phones are not to be used in restrooms, in classrooms, or in hallways during class periods unless per the guidelines listed below.  Personal cell phones may be used in the classroom for their technological advantages under the supervision and guidance of the instructor.  Cell phones must be in “silent” mode at all times and kept secured when not being used in class under the supervision of an instructor.

Any cell phone will be subject to confiscation if it creates a disruption to the academic environment.  A student using a cell phone, which creates a disruption, or refusing to follow a reasonable request from a staff member, may be subject to disciplinary action.  Using a cell phone to film/record/take pictures of any documents, students or staff members is strictly prohibited.  In addition, using a cell phone for cheating (Rule 22) or any form of academic dishonesty will not be tolerated.  The possessing, taking, disseminating, transferring or sharing of nude, obscene, pornographic, lewd or otherwise illegal images, whether by electronic data transfers or otherwise (commonly called texting, sexting, etc.) may constitute a crime under state and/or federal law.  Any person possessing, taking, disseminating or sharing nude, obscene, pornographic, lewd or otherwise illegal images or photographs may be punished under this Code of Conduct and will be reported to the appropriate law enforcement agencies.  Participating in these activities could lead one to become labeled for life as a sexual predator.

Students are not permitted to post updates or communicate via social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) at any time during the school day.  Anyone found making posts to social networking sites during school hours would be subject to disciplinary actions.

1st cell phone offense - phone confiscated, student may pick it up at end of the day.

2nd and future cell phone offenses - phone confiscated (parent picks up) and student is assigned disciplinary consequences (which may include: Wednesday or Saturday Schools, Alternative Classroom, or OSS as determined by administrators), and will include denial of cell phone usage at school for remainder of school year.

2.)  Bring Your Own Device (BYOD): Mobile Devices Policy

Upper Sandusky will continue the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy for this school year.

The following information will be applicable.

Students may bring to school, under the BYOD program, privately owned mobile devices, which would include iPod Touch, iPad, Android-based tablet, netbook, laptop, and Smartphone.  Students will be responsible for adhering to all acceptable use policies, codes of conduct, or administrative guidelines while using the district’s wireless network. There is absolutely no expectation that parents should provide a device to their child for this program, nor is the district responsible for providing a device for those who do not have one.

Students who do not accept the USEVS Public Wireless User Agreement form (online) will not be permitted network access. Once a user has accepted the USEVS Public Wireless Agreement, they will have access to a filtered Internet connection where users are not permitted to bypass this filter for any reason.

The responsibility to keep any personally owned devices secure and safe rests entirely with the individual owner of the device. The Upper Sandusky E.V. Schools are not responsible for any device damaged or stolen while on district property.  It is recommended that all devices be labeled or otherwise identified before being brought to school.

Use of this wireless resource is a privilege, not a right, intended to enhance teaching and learning.  Users may be denied access at any time, for any reason.  Students should not have the expectation of privacy on any device they bring to the district.  If staff members suspect improper use and/or abuse of this or related policies, they have the right to examine related BYOD devices at any time.

A participation form is included in the handbook that must be filled out and returned at the beginning of the school year.