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District Grading Scale

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District Grading Scale

A = 4         Excellent – Superior
B = 3         Good – Clearly Above Average
C = 2         Average – Fair
D = 1         Poor – Below Average Passing
F = 0         Failure – No Credit
S =            Satisfactory
U =            Unsatisfactory

Picture of grade letters

The board approved grading scale for every class is as follows:

 Percent Letter Grade 
 100-95  A
 94-92  A-
 91-89  B+
 88-85  B
 84-82  B-
 81-79  C+
 78-75  C
 74-72  C-
 71-69  D+
 68-65  D
 64-62  D-
 61-0  F

HS Honor Roll & Semester Averaging


Students who achieve academic excellence are named to the Honor Roll each nine (9) weeks grading period.  Students receiving an incomplete or any grade below a C- will not qualify for the Honor Roll.

Principal’s List                            4.0
Dean’s List                                 3.7 – 3.999
Honors List                                 3.2 – 3.699
Honorable Mention List              3.0 – 3.199

Please refer to the curriculum guidebook for class rank determination details.

Semester Grade Averaging

The semester grade will be calculated by averaging the percentage grade for each nine-weeks grading period.  For example:  A student may receive a 70% average in the first nine weeks and a 90%average in the second nine weeks.  The semester grade will be an 80% or C+.