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Device Usage Agreement

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Device Usage Agreement

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Student Device Usage Agreement Terms

Student is expected to abide by the District Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). Student acknowledges that any issued device is the property of Upper Sandusky Schools and will abide by the following terms:

  • Student MUST make the device available to any school administrator or teacher for inspection of any messages or files sent or received on their Upper Sandusky Schools issued device. 

  • Student MUST report to the building administration or teacher any incidents of inappropriate communications sent in any form using their Upper Sandusky Schools issued device.

  • Student MUST not deface the device. Students are not allowed to place stickers or colors on their Chromebook.

  • Student MUST use the school issued protective case on the device at ALL TIMES and bring the device fully charged every day.

  • Student MUST return device to the school main office BEFORE withdrawing/graduating from Upper Sandusky Schools. If the student does not return the device, a fee will be assessed and documentation may be delayed.

Warranty and  Repairs

  • Upper Sandusky Schools will provide insurance coverage on each Chromebook enrolled in our 1:1 program. Coverage includes Theft and Vandalism, Accidental Drops, Spills and Liquid Submersion, Power Surge by Lightning, Fire-Flood-Natural Disasters, and Unlimited Claims/Incidents. This is funded via the districts Technology Fee.

  • Intentional Damage/Gross Neglect – Cost ($240) will be the responsibility of the parent/guardian/student. Student Code of Conduct will be enforced.

  • Lost/Stolen Device - Student/parent/guardian should immediately notify building administration and submit an email to Mr. Frye about the lost or stolen device.

    • Lost - Cost is the responsibility of the parent/guardian/student.

    • Stolen - Devices reported as stolen outside of school require that parents notify police and provide a copy of an official police report to the school administration. Theft Inside school requires a letter signed by the parent/guardian and stating the date, time, location and describe the situation.

Fee Replacement Table:

Device - $255.00, Carry Case - $20.00, Power Adapter - $44.00

By agreeing to the terms of this agreement, the student is given the privilege to use the USEVS device at school and home. If the student and parents/guardians do not agree with the terms of this agreement, the student will be limited to use of the device at school only.

Student: I have read, understand and agree to the terms in this agreement.

______________________________________        __________________________________    _______

Student name (print)                    Student signature                Date

Parent/Guardian: I have read and understand this agreement and give permission for the school to allow my child to use the Upper Sandusky Schools 1:1 device under the terms and conditions set forth above.

______________________________________        __________________________________    _______

Parent/Guardian name (print)                Parent/Guardian signature            Date

Rev June 2020