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USHS Closed 10/15 & 10/18 (Calamity Days)
Upper Sandusky High School will be closed Fri., Oct. 15th, and Mon., Oct. 18th.  These days will be calamity days, not remote days.

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Upper Sandusky

Exempted Village Schools

Continuity of Services

Continuity of Services

Upper Sandusky E.V. Schools

2021-2022 District Reopening *Plan

Continuity of Services


For questions/concerns please contact [email protected]


The first day of school for all students is Tuesday, August 25, 2021


Although the current COVID-19 Pandemic is a fluid situation, Upper Sandusky E.V. Schools are planning for the opening of school in the Fall of 2021.  We believe continuing to keep children physically out of school could have long-term academic and social-emotional consequences.  We understand there are risks associated with returning to school and we will take steps as presented within this plan to mitigate risks for students, staff, families, and our community.


We plan on having all students in school five (5) days a week.  We will implement procedures regarding:  social distancing, optional or at state direction face coverings, proper hygiene, and sanitation.  We understand the COVID-19 safety concerns take priority over educational issues and we will align and adjust our plan with ODE Risk Levels and the Wyandot County Public Health Department recommendations as necessary.


USEVS will adhere to the following general principles when reopening school this Fall:


  1. USEVS will implement recommended safety protocols and follow guidelines issued by the Ohio Department of Health and the Wyandot County Public Health Department to the highest degree possible.


  1. USEVS will work closely with the Wyandot County Public Health Department to promote safety in each school building.


  1. USEVS will take steps to ensure quality student learning will continue despite the fact that we may experience rolling short-term closures or extended school closures.


  1. USEVS will communicate with parents, staff, students and the community regarding any confirmed cases of COVID-19 within the school community as much as we are legally allowed to do so.


  1. We will communicate changes to our procedures and plans as they occur.


*This plan is subject to change as the situation changes in our area.




Upper Sandusky Academic Schedules – Defined


  1. In-Person Schedule

Traditional learning will occur with all students returning to school with added safety and sanitation precautions.  Physical distancing will not always be possible which is why face coverings may be required.  This schedule will be in effect as long as the county risk level is in yellow or orange.


  1. Remote Schedule

Students will stay home and access all learning remotely supported by their district teacher(s).


School appropriate facial coverings are optional for all staff and all students anytime there is in-person instruction in the school buildings.   Face coverings can be a mask, bandanna, or neck gaiter that covers the nose, mouth and chin.  Face shields are only allowed if there is a documented allowable exception.  Optional desk shields will be provided for classrooms.


Parent/Guardian/Student expectations PRIOR to coming to school each day:

  1. Parents/Guardians will conduct a student wellness check including taking temperatures and assessing their symptoms.  Students with symptoms or temperatures above 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit must stay home.  Symptoms of COVID-19 may include one or more of the following:        fever or chills, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting and/or diarrhea.
  2. All students should wash their hands before leaving for school.
  3. Any student riding the school bus must wear a face covering.  This includes athletes and coaches for all athletic events.
  4. Parents must provide a face covering for their student(s), if an optional face covering is desired, while at school.  Parents will provide masks for all students riding a bus.


Parent/Guardian General Expectations:

  1. If you need to come into a school building (to pick up your child, for example), a face covering is optional.
  2. Follow posted guidelines and read all signage whenever entering a building.
  3. Provide a face covering for your student, if one is desired.
  4. Update all contact information for school staff. If your child is sick or running a fever, he/she WILL be sent home.  Please be sure you have multiple family members and/or family friends prepared to pick up your child from school.
  5. During remote learning times:
  1. Monitor student progress on coursework.
  2. Develop a “school schedule” to keep routines in place.
  3. Communicate questions and concerns to teachers.




Student Expectations:


  1. Members of the same household will sit together.
  2. Sit in an assigned seat.
  3. Remain seated, facing forward, while riding the bus.


School Day (in person):

  1. Wearing a facial covering is optional throughout the school day.  
  2. Enter and exit buildings through assigned/designated doors.
  3. Your temperature may be taken.
  4. Wash hands and use hand sanitizer throughout the day and when directed to do so.  Hand sanitizer stations have been placed throughout each building.
  5. Follow all signage in the hallways and common areas.
  6. When possible, stay to the right when traveling down hallways and using stairs.
  7. Limit going to your locker by carrying multiple class materials at a time and report directly to class.
  8. Sit in designated seats in the cafeteria and other common areas.


Remote learning:

  1. Follow a regular “school schedule” to keep routines in place.
  2. Communicate questions and concerns immediately to teachers.
  3. Participate in virtual sessions with teachers as scheduled.
  4. Watch/read lessons provided by teachers and complete assignments according to timelines.


General Information:

All staff will self-assess their health before coming to work.  Staff with symptoms, or temperatures above 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit must stay home.  Symptoms of COVID-19 may include one or more of the following:  fever or chills, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting and/or diarrhea.



  1. Currently, the CDC requires all students and staff on buses must wear facial coverings.



  1. Cafeteria staff may wear a face covering or shield while preparing and serving food and operating registers.
  2. Students will wash or sanitize hands prior to eating lunch.
  3. Lunches will have staggered times to space out students waiting in lines, if possible.
  4. Ensure cleaning of tables/seats between lunch periods.
  5. Assign seating when possible.


Daily cleaning of classrooms and common areas:

  1. All common areas will be cleaned throughout the day.
  2. There will be daily cleaning protocols for all buildings – before, during and after school.
  3. All classrooms will have hand sanitizer dispensers, as will common work areas and building entrances. 
  4. Staff will use supplies provided to spray and clean/disinfect desks, chairs and any common materials needed before new students transition into rooms.


School Day:

  1. Classrooms will be cleared of as many items as possible to provide more space for distancing.
  2. Ensure arrangement of desks provides maximum distance for students.
  3. Items on walls, tables, shelves will be minimized for ease of cleaning purposes.
  4. Eliminate shared classroom materials as much as possible and if items must be shared, they must be sanitized after each use.
  5. Keep the classroom door open as much as possible to allow for better air flow and to reduce contact with a highly touched surface.
  6. Regular hand washing will be encouraged and hand sanitizer will be available.
  7. Certain educators may move between classrooms rather than the students switching.
  8. Students will be encouraged to maintain physical distance whenever possible.
  9. Staff will supervise hallways and common areas to ensure students are reporting immediately to class, following safety protocols, and not congregating.
  10. Staff will supervise playgrounds during recess and plan structured recess activities, when possible.


If remote learning is required:

  1. Teachers will create lessons that are engaging for students, using a variety of strategies.
  2. Teachers will be available for office hours daily.
  3. Teachers will use the district approved learning management system as the platform for all assignments, links to resources, etc.
  4. Teachers will grade work in a timely manner and provide feedback to students on assignments.