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Chromebook Handbook

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Upper Sandusky E.V Schools

Chromebook 1:1 Handbook

Ver 1.0 - Updated 6/20

*Subject to revision

Table of Contents

  1.  GENERAL INFORMATION……………………………………………….3

    1. Chromebook Check-Ins/Returns

    2. Damage/Loss/Theft/Returns 

      2,  TAKING CARE OF YOUR CHROMEBOOK………………………….….4

  1. General Precautions

  2. Carrying the Chromebook

  3. Screen Care

  4. Security Reminders


  1. Chromebooks Left at Home

  2. Chromebooks Undergoing Repair

  3. Charging Your Chromebook’s Battery

  4. Background photos/themes/pictures

  5. Sound/Apps

  6. Printing

  7. Webcams

  8. Home Access

  9. Issues with your Chromebook

  10. Updates/Virus Protection


Purpose Statement

Upper Sandusky E.V. Schools (USEVS) recognize the prominent role technology plays in our world and community.  Our goal is to continue to integrate 21st century technology skills into the daily curriculum and to do this all Upper Sandusky students will be issued a device to aid in that.  Students will use these devices for research, assignments, communication, and state testing.  



Chromebook Check-in/Returns:

  • Chromebooks will be distributed each fall as established by each building/school.

  • Chromebooks will be labeled in a manner specified by the district and those labels should not be altered or covered in any manner.

  • Parents & students must sign Upper Sandusky Chromebook Usage Agreement Form when picking up their Chromebook.

  • Chromebooks must be returned prior to the end of the school year at the direction of the district and buildings.  During the summer the Chromebooks will be updated, cleaned, and any minor repairs will be done.

  • Chromebooks, chargers, and cases provided by the district must be returned in good working condition.  Should any of the equipment be damaged, the student may be charged in accordance to the USEVS Chromebook Protection Plan.

  • Students who graduate early, transfer to another district, withdraw, or for any reason are no longer enrolled at USEVS, must return their Chromebook, charger, and case immediately to their building.  Failure to return the Chromebook and the accessories will result in a theft report being filed with the Upper Sandusky Police Department. 

  • New students or students that transfer in, will have a device issued to them after meeting with the building Principal and the Technology Department.


  • If at any point during the school year there is damage, loss, or theft of a Chromebook (or any accessories), the student must report the incident to his/her teacher or building principal who will contact the technology department.  All reports will be investigated and addressed on a case by case basis and damage will follow the Upper Sandusky Chromebook Protection Plan coverage.

  • If a device is stolen, a report of the theft must be reported to the building principal and technology department.  The student and parent must file a police report with the Upper Sandusky Police Department and a copy of the report must be provided to the school.  USEVS will assist the Police Department in an attempt to recover the device and a loaner device will be provided to the student in the meantime.  If the device is not recovered, a permanent replacement will be provided.

  • Deliberate damage will be referred to the building principal and will be handled per the student handbook as damage to school property.  No replacement or loaner Chromebook will be issued until all replacement/repair costs are paid.


Students are responsible for the general care of the Chromebook issued by the school.  Chromebooks that are broken or fail to work properly must be reported to their teacher as soon as possible.

General Precautions:

  • The Chromebook is school property.  All users must follow the guidelines contained in this manual and the Student Acceptable Use Policy for technology.

  • Chromebooks should never be left in an unsupervised area, unlocked car or locker.  Students should take care to always keep their Chromebook secured when not in their possession.

  • Students are responsible for charging their Chromebook each night and bringing it to school fully charged.  Charging cables should remain at home and should NOT be brought to school.  

  • Chromebooks, like any device, are sensitive to extreme heat and cold, so students should not leave their device in cars or direct sunlight.

  • Do not stack books or other heavy materials on top of the Chromebook as that could damage the screen or keyboard.  This includes not leaning on the Chromebook.

  • Keeping food and drinks away from the Chromebook is always a good idea.

  • Carefully plug cables and accessories into the Chromebook.

Carrying the Chromebook:

  • Each Chromebook will come with a carrying case, which should be used when transporting the Chromebook between home and school or between classes.

  • Chromebooks should never be carried by the screen or while opened.

  • The cases provided by the district provide sufficient padding to protect the Chromebook from normal wear and tear.  Nothing else should be placed in the case as that might damage the Chromebook by putting pressure on the screen.

  • Students are permitted to get their own bag, if it provides adequate protection for their Chromebook.  Damage would be subject to the Upper Sandusky Chromebook Protections Plan as stated previously.

Screen Care:

  • Do not lean on the top of the Chromebook when closed.

  • Do not put any books or other heavy objects on top of the Chromebook when closed.

  • Clean the screen with only a soft, dry cloth or anti-static cloth.  No cleansers of any type should be used.  If in doubt, check with your teacher or a member of the Technology Department.

  • Do not carry the Chromebook by the screen.

Security Reminders:

  • Students should not share logins or passwords with anyone, except their parents/guardians.

  • Students should follow Internet safety guidelines and school rules and policy.

  • Students should understand that the Chromebooks and network are filtered and monitored.


Chromebooks are intended for use at school each day, however there may be days that they are used more than others.  Students should bring their Chromebooks, fully charged, each day unless instructed by their teachers or building principal not to do so. The Chromebook is the property of the school, and the school has the right to search the Chromebook at any time.

Chromebooks Left at Home:

  • If a student repeatedly leaves their Chromebook at home during any 9 week period, the student may be required to “check out” and “check in” their school issued Chromebook each day for the remainder of the 9 weeks.

  • If a student continues to have issues with not bringing their Chromebook, they will be referred to the building principal.

Chromebooks Undergoing Repair:

  • Replacement Chromebooks will be issued while a student is having their Chromebook repaired.  Please note there are a limited number of spares, so there may be a delay in getting one.

  • Replacement Chromebooks will not be issued for use until all fines for damage have been paid if applicable.

Charging Your Chromebook’s Battery:

  • Chromebooks must be brought to school each day fully charged.  Students should charge their Chromebook at home and leave their school issued charger at home.

  • Chargers should not be brought to school.

  • Violations will be treated the same as if the student left the Chromebook at home.

Background photos/themes/pictures:

  • Students are not permitted to change the background photos or themes on their Chromebook.

  • Photos and videos should be stored in your Google Drive account and not on the local hard drive of the Chromebook.  Google has provided unlimited space free of charge in your Google Drive account.


  • Sound must be muted at all times in classrooms unless directed by the teacher for instructional purposes.  

  • When using a Chromebook in a common area (media center, auditeria, etc), headphones or earbuds should be used if you are needing to use sound.

  • Only district-approved apps will be installed by the Technology Department.


  • There is no printing from district-supplied Chromebooks. Students are encouraged to digitally publish and share their work with their teachers and peers when appropriate.


  • School Use - Webcams are to be used for educational purposes only.

  • Home Use - Webcams may be used at home only with the permission and supervision from parents/guardians.

  • USEVS does NOT have the ability to remotely access the webcams.

Home Access:

  • Students are permitted and encouraged to add their school issued Chromebook to their home WIFI network.  This will allow the student to access their stored documents and information, email, PowerSchool, ClassLink, etc and complete assignments.

  • Internet access will still be filtered, but parents are encouraged to monitor home access.  If a student or parent sees something that isn’t being filtered that should be, they are to contact the technology department at: as soon as possible.  Everyone should understand that no internet filter is 100% accurate.  USEVS is committed to being CIPA (Child Internet Protection Act) compliant at all times.

  • Students that don’t have WIFI access at home can park close to any USEVS school building to access the USEVS WiFi.  When using a public connection students are cautioned not to do any online shopping or banking because you are using an unsecure connection.

  • Students are not permitted to share their Chromebook with other siblings.  This device is to be used by the student to whom it is issued only.

Issues with your Chromebook:

  • Chromebooks are fast and very reliable, but if a student experiences an issue, they can seek help from their teacher or reach out to the Technology Department.

  • USEVS cannot troubleshoot home network issues.  If the Chromebook works at school, but not at home, you might try using a public location to see if the problem persists.

Updates/Virus Protection:

  • Updates - Chromebooks use the Chrome Operating System, which updates itself automatically.  Students do not need to manually update their Chromebook.  If there is an arrow pointing up in the bottom right hand corner, it just means the Chromebook needs to be rebooted to complete an OS update.

  • Virus Protection - Chromebooks provide multiple layers of protection against viruses and malware, including data encryption and verified boot.  There is NO need for additional virus protection.  If this ever changes, USEVS will keep students and their parents informed.


USEVS has partnered with Worth Ave. Group to provide a Chromebook Protection Plan.  This Plan covers any type of device malfunction and also covers accidental damage for up to 2 incidents per school year.  This Plan does NOT cover malicious, non-accidental damage, or loss.  The Technology Department and the Building Principals will determine if the damage is accidental or malicious.  Theft will be covered with an appropriate police report if the police and USEVS can not recover the device.  The following charts will help explain this:

Annual Coverage:  $35 fee/school year

1st and 2nd Accidental Damage Incidents

3rd or more Damage Incidents

Replacing screen:  $0

Replacing screen:  $75

Replacing keyboard/touchpad: $0

Replacing keyboard/touchpad:  $50

Total Chromebook replacement:  $0

Total Chromebook replacement:  $255

Replacing bag:  $0

Replacing bag:  $20

Other parts not listed:  $0

Other parts not listed:  Cost of part

Malicious Damage (non-accidental)

Replacing screen:  $75

Replacing keyboard/touchpad:  $50

Total Chromebook replacement:  $255

Replacing bag:  $30

Other parts not listed:  Cost of part

Disclaimer:  Some ideas, formatting, and wording were used from the following districts with a 1:1 initiative:  Collingswood Public Schools, Bow School District, Exeter Township School District, Hilliard School District, West Jefferson Local Schools and Sudbury Public Schools.