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Upper Sandusky

Exempted Village Schools

2019 Report

2019 Business Advisory Council Report

March 2019

Upper Sandusky E. V. Schools and Upper Sandusky Business Advisory Council

The Upper Sandusky Business Advisory Council meets 6 times during the year – January, March, May, July, September, and November – in conjunction with the Wyandot County Office of Economic Development.

The BAC wanted to get local employers in front of students to make them aware of local opportunities for employment and training. Employers wanted to share expectations and help schools promote the development of work ethic and “soft skills”.

To this end, the middle school had a careers day in which local businesses came and talked about various jobs in their industry. The high school had various local employers speaking each week to juniors in the required college and careers class. The high school also held an employer-student panel discussion that was attended by all juniors and seniors. Also, students signed up on the Community Opportunity website which is a local website promoting local businesses, internships and employment opportunities.

In addition, an employment task force subcommittee was formed (bringing together people from industry, business, education, higher ed and others) to design strategies to connect local talent with employment opportunities as well as to look at attraction and retention.