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High School Dress Code Amendment

2018 Dress Code Amendment

The appearance of students should reflect good taste and personal pride.  Each student is expected to be well-groomed, clean and modestly dressed at all times.  Standards for school dress should reflect favorably upon the school and community and ensure the health and safety of all students while creating a favorable environment that is conducive to learning for all students.  

Any article of clothing or jewelry that is discriminatory, gang related, or contains inappropriate language or pictures or makes references to alcohol, drugs, sex or tobacco is deemed inappropriate and not permitted.  

Accessories   No changes made  

No wallet / pocket chains

No spiked jewelry

No excessive facial ornamentations / piercings ( 1 facial piercing - stud only - no hoops)

Headwear   No changes made
No hats, bandanas or hoods

No sunglasses

Footwear   changes:  backs not required / no heel limitation / class restriction statement

No slippers

No flip flops / shower shoes / athletic slides - shoes must hold tight to the foot

Restrictions can be placed on shoes for specific classes and field trips - students not abiding by the class restrictions will not be permitted to attend the class / field trip and will be counted as an unexcused absence.  

Cold Weather Attire   No changes made

No heavy coats / jackets containing a lining designed to make the garment an outdoor coat.  

No blankets

Tops   changes: sleeve requirement / cold shoulder option

No low-cut / plunging necklines unless an appropriate top is underneath

No midriff or cleavage can be visible

No see through material without an appropriate top underneath

No undergarments can be visible

No tank tops, halters, camis, spaghetti straps -- open shoulder / sleeveless shirts are permitted
     provided it is not strapless, fits closely to the underarms and other provisions of the dress
     code are not violated

Bottoms  changes:  frays / short length to mid-thigh / tunic or skirt to cover leggings

No pajama pants

No biker shorts

No holes in pants (fraying is accepted as long as no skin is exposed)

No shorts / skirts above mid-thigh at the shortest part of the garment

No sagging pants.  Pants must be worn so that undergarments remain fully covered and pants
     remain above the hip bone.

No spandex, leggings, jeggings or yoga pants unless a tunic / skirt is worn over them that
    reaches mid-thigh


Must abide by the guidelines of tops / bottoms

Teachers,  as always send students with questionable attire to the office.

Final interpretations of appropriate dress and grooming reside with the building principal and/or his/her designees.

The building administrator may make modifications to this code if special events or activities are planned.  Nothing herein is intended to interfere with a student’s ability to exercise his/her religious rights.  

Disciplinary Actions  

Students who violate this policy shall be subjected to the following disciplinary actions:

  1. A detention & correction of the violation

  2. A Saturday School & correction of the violation

  3. Additional offenses will be at the discretion of the administrator

As a means of correcting the violation students will be asked:

To change into alternative clothes that are with them at school

To call home to have someone bring them a change of clothes

** A student will not be permitted to leave school to get clothes.  If a change of clothes is not an option, the student will spend the remainder of the day in the alternative classroom. The time out of class will be considered unexcused.  However, all classwork will be sent to the alternative classroom to be completed for full credit. This time in the alternative classroom is to remove the student from the general population and will not serve as the consequence.

Detentions / Saturday Schools will be in addition to this placement. **

A student may be asked to turn a shirt inside out to cover offensive material or be offered a  USHS t-shirt to replace the inappropriate top he/she is wearing.

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